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With the recent merger of Imaginative Team and penTom Technologies our product line has greatly expanded.

Imaginative Team carries on as a full-service web solutions company, but what does full-service mean to your small business?

DNS REGISTRATION - This is the process of selecting a web address to represent you on the Internet. Finding an available domain name is sometimes more difficult than you would imagine. Not only can Imaginative Team get the name registered and setup for live use on the Internet, we will sit down and help you select the most effective address for your site. We can explain the differences between all the different extensions available today such as .com, .biz, .info, .org, .ws, and many many more.

SITE DESIGN - There is a lot more to a site design than a crisp, clear, and eye catching layout. An effective site design takes many factors into account that the average person would not consider important. Imaginative Team will explain the importance of screen size, color depth, navigation, and many technical details that will effect the site's ability to function properly for the majority of the visitors on the web. There are also many important search engine optimization factors to consider.

DEVELOPMENT - After designing an effective site, our developers will begin turning your imagination into reality. Our highly skilled and experienced staff will utilize skillsets across several programming languages to develop your website. Anything from static HTML sites to highly complex Flash enhanced sites, or maybe online commmerce is what you desire? Our developers take pride in producing a site that you will be 100% satisfied with.

SUPPORT - I have produced my website and it is live on the Internet, now what? A static site is generally not an informative form of marketing. Keeping your content current makes a much more useful tool. Monthly support agreements are negotiated at the beginning of the project that take into account regular updates to your site. These updates include keeping the text current as well as staying up to date with the latest technologies that are available. Monthly updates are also beneficial to your Search Engine Optimization campaign.

HOSTING - Imaginative Team provides high speed web servers to host the files that make up your website. What do you need hosting for? When the developers create the website files, they must be placed on a web server that continues to run twenty-four hours a day, three hundred sixty five days a year*. When a person types your web address into their web browser such as Internet Explorer the browser will search the Internet to find your domain name. When it finds the web server containing your website it will display the site back to the user as quickly as possible. Imaginative Team utilizes Microsoft technologies and supports FrontPage Server Extensions. Along with your hosting account you will be granted access via FTP to transfer files. In addition, your hosting plan includes unlimited e-mail accounts that can be configured based on your domain name.

SEARCH ENGINE OPTIMIZATION - Search Engine functionality is too complicated to explain in a brief paragraph. We would be glad to meet and discuss how search engines function in great detail, but more importantly we provide the ethical avenue to assist in achieving higher rankings for your site. What does this mean for you? When a person searches for key words on a search engine such as your site may not appear if it is not properly optimized. Search Engine Optimization is a very complex service, and if handled improperly your site can be permanently banned from the search engines. Please review our SEO packages and request a consultation with us for a more detailed explanation of how Search Engine Optimization can define your website's success.

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